What should I cook for a big crowd?

How do you feed 40 guests?

When you’re having a party, you need to determine the amount of food you need. You want your guests to have enough to eat so they feel satisfied, but you don’t want a ton of leftovers.

Food for Dinner Parties.

Food Fruit salad
Up to 10 guests 5 cups
10-20 10 cups
20-30 15 cups
30-40 20 cups

What should I serve for 50 people?

How to use this food quantity chart:

Food Type Approximate Amount for 50 Servings
Vegetables, served as side dish, untrimmed, most varieties: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, green beans, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini; sliced, diced or whole, Fresh 16-20 lbs Frozen Green beans, peas, corn, spinach, 10 lbs

What is good to batch cook and freeze?

Easy recipes for batch cooking

  • Classic cottage pie. This is our take on a classic cottage pie. …
  • Mini chicken, leek and mushroom pies. …
  • Pork pibil. …
  • Coconut dahl with naans. …
  • Lamb shank rogan josh. …
  • Chicken normandy. …
  • Classic freezer fish pie. …
  • Chicken, red pepper and olive cacciatore.

How do you serve a large crowd?

15 tips to save time and stress when cooking for a large crowd

  1. Go for a buffet setup instead of individual plates. …
  2. Use slow cookers, chafing dishes, or warming trays to keep food at the right temperature. …
  3. Make space at your table by using multi-height serving platters. …
  4. Use your crock-pot for desserts.
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How do you order food for a large group?

How to Order Lunch for a Large Group the Easy Way

  1. Step 0: Know What You’re Ordering For. Many of your choices will be informed by the occasion you’re ordering for. …
  2. Step 1: Set a Budget. …
  3. Step 2: Choose a Restaurant. …
  4. Step 3: Decide on Individual or Group Orders. …
  5. Step 4: Order. …
  6. Step 5: Prep and Serve.

How do you feed a group for cheap?

10 Ideas For Feeding A Large Party On A Small Budget:

  1. Chili and corn bread.
  2. Spaghetti and homemade garlic rolls.
  3. Sloppy Joe’s and coleslaw.
  4. Pasta bar.
  5. Mexican bar.
  6. Salad bar.
  7. Homemade pizza.
  8. Soup and sandwiches.

How much food do I need for 125 guests?

To calculate how much money per person you have to spend, take your budget and divide that by your number of guests. For example, a couple feeding 125 guests on a $5,000.00 budget will have $40.00 per person to spend on the food, utensils, and equipment. This number will help you determine the type of menu to prepare.

How many pounds of carrots do I need to feed 100 people?


Carrots 7–½ pounds 30 pounds
Lettuce for salad (heads) 5 20
Peas (fresh) 12 pounds 50 pounds
Potatoes 9 pounds 36 pounds