How do I clean my Konro grill?

Can you use a Konro grill indoors?

Never use indoors. The bottom of Konro will become extremely hot. Do not use it on carpets or tatami mats. Use only on a fireproof surface.

What are Konro grills made of?

Made from Diatomite (the fossilized remains of plankton) and mined traditionally by hand in Suzu Japan, the blocks are joined together without the use of mortar, for a stronger, tighter and more fire resistant finish. The Konro is then baked at 1,000 degrees for six hours making them extremely durable.

Can you use Shichirin inside?

Shichirin- 七 しち 輪 りん

Outdoors, people will sometimes use black charcoal. Indoors, a kind of white charcoal called binchōtan ( 備長 びんちよう 炭 たん ) is used. Binchōtan is generally preferred because of the flavor it gives the meat.

How hot does a Konro grill get?

Nothing tastes quite like charcoal grilled chicken skewers or yakitori. Now you can make delicious yakitori and other grilled dishes on your patio tabletop with this convenient Japanese style charcoal grill. With decent quality lump charcoal or Binchotan a Konro produces a very hot source of heat (750°C).

How do you cook with Konro?

How to use your Konro Grill

  1. You only need enough charcoal to cover the bottom of the Konro, anything more will cause excessive heat and flame.
  2. Use the vents to adjust heat. …
  3. If you have a Yakitori sized grill and are using our bamboo skewers, you can just rest your food right across the grill.
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Can you reuse Binchotan?

(Yes, you can reuse binchotan several times by submerging the hot coals in cold water and drying them for another day.)

Is Binchotan smokeless?

Smokeless. While lump charcoals usually produce thick smoke while grilling with common grill stoves, the Binchotan Charcoals in a Konro Grill is smokeless. … That is the smoke of the meat’s fat instead of the charcoal burn.

How do you extinguish charcoal Binchotan?

How to extinguish a Binchotan? Put the fire extinguishing pot on a base and open the lid. Carefully remove the charcoal from the grill (konro) using tongs and put the charcoal into the fire extinguishing pot one piece at a time. After all the charcoal has been put inside of the extinguishing pot, close the lid.