What’s in Greggs festive bake?

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What is in a Greggs festive bake?

The classic Festive Bake is filled with delicious pieces of chicken, sage & onion stuffing and sweetcure bacon, smothered in a creamy sage & cranberry sauce and encased in delicious crumb topped pastry.

How many carbs are in a Greggs festive bake?

A festive bake has 453 calories. They also contain Fat- 27g, of which saturates – 14g, carbohydrate – 37g, of which sugars – 4.3g, protein – 13. g, salt – 1.9g.

Is the Greggs festive bake out yet?

Greggs announced today that the iconic Festive Bake is returning for 2021 in just three weeks, in a tweet teasing the savoury snack. … The Festive Bake was launched in 2009, and has been a firm favourite for its creamy turkey and stuffing filling, all topped off with a crunchy crumb on the pastry.

How many calories are in a festive bake?

It contains 453 calories. Those looking for a filling lunch will no doubt find it in Greggs’ take on a classic favourite.

How many SYNS is a Greggs yum yum?


Product Syns
Greggs Yum Yum (73g each) 14½
Greggs Belgian Bun (130g each) 20½
Greggs Pain au Chocolate (each) 15
Greggs Jam Doughnut (74g each) 12
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How many carbs are in a Greggs chicken bake?

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 100g Per portion (150g)
Carbohydrate 21g 31g
of which Sugars 0.8g 1.2g
Protein 8.8g 13g
Salt 1.1g 1.7g

Are Yum Yums from Greggs vegan?

Are Greggs Yum Yums vegan? Greggs Yum Yums are not suitable for vegans as they contain egg. Greggs Yum Yums do not contain milk in the ingredients, but there is the potential for cross-contamination with items that do contain milk.

How many calories are in a Greggs Tottenham cake?

There’s approximately 320 calories per slice if you cut this cake into 20 squares.

How much is a festive bake from Greggs?

When will the Festive Bake be available? The new Vegan Festive Bake (449kcal, from £1.60) and the original Festive Bake (453kcal, from £1.60) will be available in all Greggs shops across the UK from Thursday 4th November, subject to availability.

Does Iceland sell festive bakes?

Christmas food ranges for 2020

After a year of lockdowns and with winter in full effect, the nation requires good news more than ever before and Iceland is pulling out all the stops to give its customers that festive feeling, not only with the launch of Greggs Festive Bakes, but also its extensive Christmas 2020 menu.