How do you bake a Meko?

How do you bake with Meko gas?

7 easy steps of baking cake using a gas cooker

  1. Set aside two sufurias: one big and the other should be small. …
  2. Preheat the huge sufuria.
  3. Add salt or soil and spread evenly. …
  4. Place the tiny sufuria inside the big one and cover them. …
  5. After heating the sufurias, place the cake mix inside the tiny one.

Can you bake using gas cooker?

Baking with a gas oven has many resemblances to baking with an electric oven. … Gas ovens also tend to be more humid than convection or electric ovens – due to the ignition of the gas it releases some moisture into the oven. This can lead to issues with charring and crisping some baking goodies.

What is the best oven setting for baking?

Top/Bottom heating is the most effective setting to use when you are baking or roasting on a single level. The heat is emitted evenly from above and below, making it ideal for baking cakes. Try our Lamb Rogan Josh using top and bottom heating.

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