Frequent question: Can you bake in paper souffle cups?

Can I make a souffle in a paper cup?

We thought it was time to spotlight one of our very, very favorite kitchen helpers: Paper soufflé cups! … You don’t need a muffin pan when using these cups; you can just place them (and fill them) on a cookie sheet.

Can you bake soufflés in a cupcake pan?

Whisk together eggs, egg whites, milk, and salt in a medium bowl. Place paper baking cups in a 12-cup muffin pan, and coat with vegetable cooking spray. Divide egg mixture among paper baking cups; top with bacon mixture. Bake 25 minutes or until tops begin to brown.

Do paper cupcake liners burn in oven?

Cupcakes are an elegant and simple dessert. … Exercise extreme caution when filling the paper liners with cupcake batter for baking. Unwanted spills and drips can result in burnt pieces of batter on the outside part of the liners. Carefully fill the liners individually, avoiding overfilling.

Is it hard to make souffle?

The soufflé is a dish that calls for only a handful of ingredients, making it appear to be simple. But it requires just the right amount of whipping and folding of egg whites to work. And it’s with the egg whites that people usually go wrong.

What can you use instead of cupcake liners?

Use parchment paper instead of cups, Chapple says, for an upgraded case for your muffins or cupcakes, and you’ll never worry about cupcake liners again. First, cut a sheet of parchment into five-to-six-inch squares.

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